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Student evidence mapped to the training package

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RTO Support

At Energy Space we are committed to making training as simple and effective as possible.

To this end, we offer a range of services to RTOs which allow them to spend more time doing actual hands on training and less time marking, collecting and collating evidence.

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Energy Space offers a comprehensive range of delivery and assessment resources for the UEE11 Training package at Certificate II, III and IV levels (including the full electrical apprenticeship).

This video describes the key features of the UEE11 resources.

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Readiness Assessments

The Readiness Assessment courses lets aspiring apprentices undertake assessment quizzes, which reflect the standard expected for entering an electrical apprenticeship.

There are also online tutorial resources to refresh your knowledge of the numeracy topics covered.

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Accredited Courses

On behalf of its industry partners, Energy Space has developed several accredited courses


– Working safely with asbestos;

– Minimum Australian Context Gap (MACG) training for overseas worker

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Workplace evidence

The eProfiling program (available on Andriod, iOS and online) records an apprentices activities ‘on-the-job’ including the level of supervision they are working under, the range of equipment they use and the tasks they complete.

This information informs a skills profile which is used by the RTO as evidence in an assessment judgement.

What is eProfiling?
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Content Hosting

Energy Space currently hosts content developed by over a dozen organisations for hundreds of learners. Whether you are just looking to host training for your ‘in house’ staff or you have technical content you want to sell to the world, Energy Space can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

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