Learning and Assessment Tools

Energy Space provides easy to manage training and assessment tools to assist with your evaluation of individuals.

These tools are customised to fit your organisational and industry requirements. Upon consultation with our team, we work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your key objectives and design a learning, assessment and reporting structure to meet this criteria.

Once the desired structure has been implemented, simply monitor individual performance and progression through an effortless central real time reporting hub.

Energy Space has a range of delivery and assessment resources aligned to the following qualifications from the UEE11 Electrotechnology Training Package;

  • UEE22011 – Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)
  • UEE20111 – Certificate II in Split Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Systems
  • UEE30811 – Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
  • UEE33011 – Certificate III in Electrical Fitting
  • UEE40411 – Certificate IV in Electrical – Instrumentation
  • UEE40511 – Certificate IV in Electrical – Air-conditioning Split Systems
  • UEE40611 – Certificate IV in Electrotechnology – Systems Electrician
  • UEE42011 – Certificate IV in Electrical – Photovoltaic systems
  • UEE42611 – Certificate IV in Hazardous areas – Electrical

For further information or to request a demonstration, please contact Energy Space on 1300 43 77 22 or email info@energyspace.com.au


Available training and assessment tools include:

Lighthouse reporting Track and report

Real time reporting tool to analyse and manage individual performance, override marks and verify competence.

View data captured via the Learning and Assessment Portal, iAuditor and the workplace profiling system through Lighthouse, an in-depth reporting and management system.

Administrators are able to track individual or group progression, manage assessment sessions, communicate with other administrators, release results, individuals have access to dashboard, matrix mapping of assessments against knowledge, skills and performance criteria and override marks.

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Learning Management System (LMS)


  • Learning resources to improve knowledge
  • Quizzes to practice more scenarios
  • Assessments to reinforce learning

The LMS is a customisable online platform designed to provide teachers, administrators and students with a central, secure and integrated system to manage learning.

The system adapts to instructor-led, self-paced and a blended learning approach providing flexibility around roles and permissions, course progression and group based activities across delivery assistance materials and assessments.

Learning Plans are easily created and provide a simple framework to show learning, competencies and objectives a student is working towards.

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Record skills assessment results and collect photographic evidence to assist with auditing.

iAuditor allows for an audit of practical skills by recording results against custom forms, checklists and templates through a smart phone or tablet device.

Attach photographs and capture sign off ensuring that all evidence is collected into a single source helping you to meet compliance standards.

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Record on the job skills confirmed by supervisor verification.

Engage with Profiling, a workplace evidence gathering tool for practical skills.

Individuals submit a summary of their on the job tasks forming a skills profile against key requirements. Supervisors / administrators are able to track and approve periodical summary reports highlighting areas of skills sufficiency or deficiency assisting to frame workplace activities.

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Energy Space supportAll features are customised to suit your key requirements.

Energy Space provides a range of support services to help manage your assessment system, including:

  • Secure data hosting
  • Help desk support
  • Periodic system updates and improvement features
  • Rebranded LMS

Consistent individual assessment boosts industry confidence.