Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials

Workers are drilling into Asbestos everyday unprotected.

With approximately one third of all homes built in Australia containing asbestos products, the need for work safe practices is important to keep tradespeople, trades apprentices, ancillary occupations and the general public safe.

The Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials was developed in response to industry consultation and government consultation aiming to bridge the gap between the Course in Asbestos Awareness and Asbestos removal, supervision and assessment.

This course focuses on current best practice for penetrating asbestos containing materials so employers, employees and clients remain safe.

RTOs will be provided with a complete suite of resources necessary to conduct training for the Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials including, comprehensive learning resources, web based practical assessment instruments and a valuable real time reporting tool.

Through the licencing agreement, RTOs will be provided with access to the Learning Management System (LMS), iAuditor and Lighthouse a robust reporting tool. This will provide RTOs with on-line randomised knowledge and skills assessment instruments which will ensure that workplace, regulatory and National VET Regulator requirements are met.

These instruments will be validated and reviewed regularly from advice from the steering committee and through a continuous improvement process. RTOs will be required to validate their assessment strategies in consultation with the steering committee and moderate assessment outcomes to ensure consistency of assessment throughout the RTO.

Learning Management System (LMS)


  • Learning resources
  • Knowledge assessment tools

The LMS is an online platform hosting all learning and knowledge assessment tools for the Course in Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials.

Teachers lead the class through learning activities and assessments to gain instant results with no marking required.



Record skills assessment results

Record practical assessment results through an audit form using your tablet device or smartphone.

Attach photographs and capture sign off ensuring that all evidence is collected into a single source, Lighthouse, helping you to meet compliance standards.


Track and report

Real time reporting tool to analyse and manage individual performance, override marks and verify competence.

View real time data captured via the Learning and Assessment Portal and iAuditor and the workplace profiling system through Lighthouse, an in-depth reporting and management system.

Develop knowledge and skills in:
• Worksite preparation
• PPE requirements
• Safe drilling
• Decontamination

Contact hours:
4-6 hours nominal – Face to face classroom delivery with a knowledge and skills assessment in a work simulated area.

• Tradespeople
• Trades apprentices
• Ancillary occupations

Course in Asbestos Awareness statement of attainment (10314NAT)
OR Equivalent
(as approved by the course management committee)

Statement of Attainment – nationally accredited course

Please visit the ‘RTO’s delivering this course’ page for a list of licenced RTOs.